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Our Services

Health Care Services

  • Client visits-frequent, random & scheduled

  • Review of client chart with each visit to ensure adequate medical care

  • Collaboration with all interdisciplinary folks for a combined plan of treatment

  • Open communication with the client and all family members involved

  • 24/7 access for emergencies

  • Liaison between physicians, providers, facilities, family, attorneys and the client as to any & all issues

  • Ensures the most cost effective Health Care Plan and analyzes all MediCare Plans for the client.

  • Always will be cognizant of the client and their best interest!

Financial Services

  • Coordinate with Brokerage Houses and/or Interdisciplinary Team of all financial issues.

  • Bill Payment Service

  • Ensure timely payment of Insurance Policies

  • Annual Income Tax Preparation

  • Provides diligent and prudent protection of client's financial assets

  • Collect Income(s): Pension/Retirement



This is  'Fee For Service'  which is billable in six minute increments.

Fees are between $100 - $150 per hour


If this is a Court Administration or Probate case, the fees are statutory.

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