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What is Fiduciary?

A Fiduciary protects your assets and provides any and all services determined to be necessary for you to maintain your independence as safely as possible. They pay the bills and handle the investments of Trusts and/or decedents estates. They also work with medical providers, attorneys, social workers and geriatric case managers.

A Conservator is one type of a Fiduciary of the person, estate or both and may be necessary if the person ever should become mentally or physically incapable of making personal-health or financial decisions. A Conservator may be appointed by the Court or nominated by a family member.

  • Do you know what to do or who to call if you or your loved one should become disabled or severely confused and may need more attention than you can provide? WHO is responsible?

  • Do you have someone you can trust if this happens, to manage your affairs or your loved one's affairs-both medically and financially?

  • Do you or your loved one have an Advanced Health Care Directive?

  • Do you or a loved one have a Living Trust that discusses your intentions as to End of Life matters and dispersement of your assets?

  • Do you or your loved one have a Durable Power of Attorney?

Be Prepared!

If you have found yourself or a loved one in this situation, please call! I can help you assess your current situation and provide the necessary services to afford you peace of mind and heart

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